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(02/10/2020) Daniel will be giving a talk on water structure in tight spaces at CatalysisTalks at 10 AM (ET). Register for it, here!

(12/2020) Our latest work on developing linear-free energy relationships among epoxidations over groups 4 – 6 incorporated zeolites is accepted in ACS Catalysis! Great work!

(11/2020) Daniel’s PhD work on water structure within zeolites is available on ChemRxiv! Check it out!

(11/2020) Daniel gives two talks at AIChE on water structure in zeolites and inner-sphere interactions among surface intermediates

(10/2020) Our collaborative work on designing the reaction environment on metal oxide catalysts is accepted in ACS Catalysis!

(08/15/2020) Daniel starts his postdoc with the Surendranath group at MIT!

(08/2020) Two in one week! Our work on pushing thermochemical analysis to understand how zeolite pores mediate inner-sphere interactions among “ligands” is accepted by ACS Catalysis.

(08/2020) Our work on tuning the silanol density within heteroatom substituted zeolites is accepted by Chemistry of Materials! Nice!

(04/2020) Daniel defends his thesis, deposits his dissertation, and is!

(03/2020) Daniel is awarded an ICC Travel Award! (unfortunately postponed due to COVID-19)

(02/10/2020) Our publication on M-FAU for epoxidation reactions is featured on the cover of Catalysis Science & Technology!

Cover CST

(11/2019) Daniel gave two well-attended talks and several posters at AIChE!

(11/03/2019) Our latest work on ultra-low Al M-FAU for epoxidations was accepted by Catalysis Science & Technology!

(10/21/2019) Our work on understanding solvent restructuring during epoxidation catalysis is accepted by ACS Catalysis!

(09/18/2019) Daniel is selected as an ARCS Foundation Scholar!

(08/25/2019) Daniel gave a talk and poster at the International Symposium on Mesoporous Zeolites at the 2019 Fall ACS!

(08/04/2019) Daniel’s presentations at the Gordon Research Conference go smoothly; lots of great conversations about science!

(08/03/2019) Daniel gives a well-received talk at the Gordon Research Seminar on Nanoporous Materials and is selected to present at the GRC!

(08/01/2019) Dave Flaherty (Daniel’s Ph.D. advisor) won a DOE Early Career award! Congrats Dave; this is well deserved! This will continue Daniel’s Ph.D. research on understanding interactions at the solid-liquid interface.

(06/27/2019) Daniel gives a talk at the 2019 Chemical Sciences Program Review at the Army Research Office.

(06/25/2019) Daniel’s talk on solvent effects in confined spaces at NAM26 had a great showing!

(05/14/2019) Daniel is awarded a University of Illinois Dissertation Completion Fellowship!

(04/16/2019) Daniel gives a well-received poster at the Catalysis Club of Chicago Annual Symposium.

(12/28/2018) Daniel’s collaborative work on solvent effects on alkene epoxidation in zeolites is accepted by JACS!

(11/01/2018) Daniel gave a well-received talk and poster at the 2018 AIChE annual meeting!

(09/2018) Our work on H2O2 direct synthesis over PdZn nanoparticles is accepted by the Journal of Catalysis!

(08/17/2018) Daniel receives a travel award from the AIChE Catalysis and Reaction Engineering Division!

(08/02/2018) Daniel gives a well-received invited talk at the Army Research Office Chemical Sciences Division Annual Program Review!

(06/08/2018) Daniel’s work on catalytic thiophene oxidation was accepted by the Journal of Catalysis!

(05/11/2018) Daniel gave a well-received talk at the Catalysis Club of Chicago’s annual symposium!

(03/05/2018) Daniel’s work on selective epoxidations was chosen as a cover article for ACS Catalysis!

(02/15/2018) Daniel’s collaborative work with the Notestein group at NU on the consequences of confinement for alkene epoxidation is accepted into ACS Catalysis. Congrats!

(02/03/2018) Daniel wins the 2018 Graduate Student Award in Environmental Chemistry from the American Chemical Society!

(01/06/2018) Daniel is named to the List of Teachers Ranked as Outstanding (top 10% of instructors) by Their Students for TA’ing the undergraduate class ChBE 422, Mass Transfer Operations.

(11/2017) Daniel gave a well-received presentation at 2017 AIChE in Minneapolis, MN!

(6/2017) Daniel’s work on epoxidations with hydrogen peroxide is highlighted by Illinois News Bureau, Phys.orgEurekAlert! (AAAS), ChemEurope, etc.!

(4/28/2017) Daniel’s paper on the mechanism, reactive intermediates, and reactivity descriptors for epoxidations with hydrogen peroxide in metal substituted *BEA is accepted by J. Am. Chem. Soc.!

(4/15/2017) Daniel is selected as a Mavis Future Faculty Fellow by the College of Engineering. Congrats.

(4/2017) Daniel presents his latest work on Epoxidation at the 253rd ACS Meeting in San Francisco, CA!

(3/16/2017) Daniel’s collaborative work on the mechanisms for forming aromatic products from acetaldehyde and 2-butenal reactants is accepted by ChemCatChem.

(3/10/2017) Daniel’s paper describing the mechanism and active intermediates for cyclohexene epoxidation with H2O2 on Nb substituted BEA zeolite is published in the Journal of Catalysis.

(2/9/2017) Daniel is awarded a Hanratty Travel Award from the ChBE department to attend the ACS National Meeting in San Francisco this April.

(2/9/2017) Daniel is a recipient of a Richard A. Kokes Travel Award to support his attendance at the 25th North American Catalysis Society meeting in Denver this June!

(10/2016) Daniel wins first place in the department’s annual Graduate Student Research Symposium for his oral presentation!

(4/1/2016) Daniel receives a National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate Fellowship!